How to Sell Jewelry Online on Shopify: 7 Tips for Starting Your Own Jewelry Business

Is Shopify a profitable platform for selling jewelry? How to sell jewelry online on Shopify? Here are 7 tips for starting your own online jewelry business!

You’ve dedicated time and effort investing in your creative skills and perfecting your jewelry craft and finally, you are in a position to start selling your unique jewelry pieces online.

One of the marketplaces where you can easily start selling your unique jewelry is Shopify. Shopify is a global marketplace and a perfect place for you to start an online store and promote yourself and your creativity.

Keep reading and find out how to sell on Shopify and make a success of your online jewelry store.


1. How to start:

One of the most challenging parts of selling jewelry online on Shopify is getting started. This is the point at which you will need to come up with a logo, brand name, online store design, and etc. Use your creativity and come up with an interesting logo and catchy brand name. As your online store grows, your brand identity will grow with you. Creating your own store and start selling on Shopify is pretty straightforward. You will need to provide personal details, name, and email contact before you set up the store.
Determine your objectives
Listing items

2. Determine your objectives:

Identifying your objectives from the working towards manageable goals will mean that you are on the right track, especially from a financial perspective. Start by establishing small goals. The way you are taking small steps towards building a successful online store can have a huge impact on your store’s success.

3. Managing fees and costs:

We suppose you are wondering how much does it cost to sell on Shopify. Shopify charges a flat fee of 16p per listing over 4 months plus 3.5% fee on any sale made. Keep in mind that you may also have to pay a currency conversion fee when shipping outside the US. There are other costs from Shopify such as wholesale fees, advertising costs, payment processing fees, and etc.

4. Listing items:

When it comes to listing your jewelry items on Shopify, you need to ask yourself “which words would a customer use in the search bar to look for your products? It is important to describe the products in as many details as possible using the tags available to get the most out of your product listing. You need to include a category price, type of item, shipping details, short description, and tags.
Sell Jewelry

5. Use high-quality product photos:

High-quality images of your product will make all the difference in selling handmade jewelry. Your product photos will make or break a sale, so make sure that they are high-quality photos and that they show your jewelry pieces in the best way possible.

6. Get the right price:

Shopify is a marketplace specialized in vintage pieces and hand-crafted items. It is essential not to price yourself out of the market and it is also important to ensure you don’t sell yourself short. Setting the price right is important when selling jewelry online.

7. Ensure your customer service is professional and on point:

Your customers are the main reason you are able to make a successful selling online on Shopify. It is important that you are as user-friendly as possible when special shopping requests come from your potential buyers. Shopify allows users to leave a feedback on your items which can be a positive factor for your business. If customers leave positive feedbacks it means your products are worth the price while negative feedback can make people question your jewelry collection.

So, are you ready to sell on Shopify?

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